Correction Tape

CKS' Correction Tape is developed per up-to-date production technology. It performs stable application with smoothly and precisely tracks. Perfect coverage on various ink script and times of overlapping are available.

Correction Pen

CKS' Correction Pen is developed per stable fine point to have more precisely performance for covering wrong words or marking purpose. Reformed correction fluid can form an ideal rewritable surface.

Window Marker

CKS' Window Marker is erasable on non-porous surfaces (ex: car windshield, glass). CH Series can be wiped off easily by dry tissue paper. BB Series can be used on fine coated blackboard and be erased by water. WP Series can resist drizzling which need only water to clean it. Fluorescent colors makes marking and decorating more shining.

Paint Marker

CKS' Paint Marker is alcohol based for marking or decorating on many surfaces permanently. Consumers can apply their multiple ideas immediately instead of open cans with brushes for just outlining.

Multi-function Glue

CKS' Glue Pen is special for both permanent and re-adherable purposes. Stick when glue is still wet will be permanent, and stick after the glue is dried will be re-adherable. It's available for glitter, embossing, masking, flocking, and also good for positioning stencils, gift wrapping, photo albums, and collages.

Whiteboard Marker

CKS' Whiteboard Marker is built with pressing system. Ink can be preserved inside the tube for a very long time. To press the nib for releasing ink, it won't be constantly wasted to dried out in a short time if uncapped just like traditional reservoir.

Note: The nib is barely to soaked with ink again in a short time if dried out by uncapped. To press the nib to release ink, it could revive with imperfect line marking of basic performance, and gradually recovering to reach standard.

Gel Pen

CKS' Gel Pen is the best writing partner which has fluent ink could reduce hand fatigue and offer smooth writing performance.

CD Marker

CKS' CD/DVD Marker has fine tip and vivid colors. Consumers is hardly got stained because the ink will dry in 1 sec. after writing. Not only for discs, it's suitable for various surfaces as permanent marker.

Cuttingware & Eraser

Cutter, Art Knive, Cutting Ruler, Cutting Mat, Clay Tool, and Mecanical Eraser.

Patchwork Ruler and French Curve

Tools for Arts and Math

Stain Cleaner

CKS' Stain Cleaner is for removing many fresh food stains. Both of them have portable sizes especially the pocket type SC-209. Very convenient for egress people, it might work on the spot which left on the clothes for a long time, just apply it on the spots more times.

Grout Marker

CKS' Grout Marker is for covering the stain or mildew on interval among tiles. Places such as kitchen, bathroom, restroom, or somewhere which have gotten aged stains just like grease or mildew, and it's very difficult to be removed, the marker can do covering dirt, and it's not easy to get stained again after applying.

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